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  • Close Call for Family Pet Caught in Hunter’s Snare

    A family in Flatrock says their pet dog is lucky to be alive after ending up in a hunter’s snare on a popular walking trail yesterday. Jamie Pike’s wife was out walking their two dogs when she heard the 40-pound female setter howling. Jamie says it was a close call as the snare, which was meant for a coyote or fox, did not reach the dog’s neck.

    He says there was a warning sign that snares were in the area, but he’s asking the trapper to move further away and not lay snares in an area frequented by people and their pets. Pike says he’s an avid outdoorsman and into hunting and fishing, but he would never think of trying to snare or shoot so close to a residential area.

    Pike says had the snare reached her neck, she would have been strangled.

    Another Flatrock resident tells VOCM News her cat got caught in a snare for three days. Nycki Delisle tells VOCM News she assumes her cat was released by the hunter. The cat had a scar around her neck for several weeks, but was lucky to be alive.

    Delisle says it’s obviously an issue in the Flatrock area.

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