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  • Closing Submissions Heard at Street Racing Trial

    (Photo: Renell Legrow)

    The Crown says it has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Steven Mercer is guilty of street racing and dangerous driving causing death and bodily harm in connection with the accident that killed 18-year-old Hannah Thorne.

    Closing submissions were heard yesterday afternoon at Mercer’s trial. He’s accused of street racing with a pick-up truck just before it crashed into an oncoming car on Route 73 across the New Harbour Barrens. Thorne was a passenger in that car.

    Thirty-three-year-old Brian King was driving the Ford pick-up. King was attempting to pass traffic when the accident occurred. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four years.

    Lawyer Randy Piercey told the court there was little evidence to suggest the car in question was a blue Cobalt, and argued there was no evidence to place his client as the driver. Piercey questioned why the Crown didn’t call Brian King to the stand, someone the Defense says would have been a key witness.

    The Crown argued the evidence makes it clear who was driving the car, and says Mercer should be convicted.

    The judge will deliver a verdict on October 29.

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