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  • Beni Malone Fights Back Against ‘Creepy Clown’ Hysteria

    A clown with the Wonderbolt Circus is taking exception to the rumors of clowns stalking people in the province.

    A trend that began in the US has seemingly made its way to the island with reports of people dressed as clowns terrorizing people at night.

    There have been pictures on social media clowns in Mount Pearl and Kelligrews. Beni Malone is a clown with the Wonderbolt Circus. He says this is nothing new.

    He says when mummers were outlawed in Newfoundland and hoodies in shopping malls it’s because a small percentage of people use these things as an opportunity to exploit people and this is no different.

    No one has yet been arrested in the province because of the trend.

    Malone says people shouldn’t worry. He says though he’s not happy people are using clowns as a psychological weapon the people of this province have a little more sense than to buy-in to something that is so ridiculous.

    The Wonderbolt Circus, featuring Malone, is performing at the Arts and Culture Centre on October 30.

    Residents Concerned Clown Reports Tying Up Police Resources

    The internet and social media appears to be feeding into hysteria surrounding clowns following some recent incidents in the US, Canada and now Newfoundland and Labrador.

    RCMP confirm they have received calls from a number of areas of the province, of people wearing clown costumes, wigs or otherwise acting suspiciously, most of which appear to be unfounded, or involve children who are underage.

    Police say they take all complaints seriously, but some residents are raising concerns that the shenanigans are tying up valuable resources.

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