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  • CNA Campus Closes Following Second Threat in Two Weeks

    The College of the North Atlantic Prince Phillip Drive campus will remain closed for the remainder of the day following a possible threat.

    Students and staff were evacuated from the CNA Campus just after 11:00 this morning after unconfirmed reports of a bomb threat.

    Members of the RNC and St. John’s Regional were on the scene and cordoned off the main entrance to the building.

    An email was sent out to all students and staff advising them that the campus would remain closed for the rest of the day.

    Some students say there were a few tense and frightening moments once they realized it was not a drill.

    Some say they were allowed to very quickly run back inside to grab some belongings like wallets and phones, but no one else has been allowed to enter the building since.

    This is the second Friday in just three weeks that the Prince Phillip Drive CNA Campus has been shut down due to a possible threat.

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