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  • COATT’s Goal, A User-Pay System for Garbage Collection in Unincorporated Areas

    The Cabin Owners Against Trash Tax says its ultimate goal is to have a user-pay system implemented for garbage collection in unincoporated areas.

    The group has been outspoken in its opposition to a $180 dollar flat fee for garbage collection to cabins and other seasonal residences.

    COATT applauds a recent directive from Minister Graham Letto calling on the Eastern Waste Management Board to cease garbage collection on unserviced roads.

    Spokesperson David Crawford says that’s not where it ends though. He wants to see the changes go even further now that a comprehensive review is underway.

    He says the goal is to have the legislation changed to a user-pay system.

    Minister Graham Letto has also directed the Eastern Waste Management Board to limit all outstanding fees and interest owed, and improve the board’s transparency, accountability and engagement.

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