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  • Cochrane Pond Campers Hold Park Clean Up Effort

    Campers at Cochrane Pond Park have taken it upon themselves to tidy up the park after it was closed last week by the city of St. John’s due to a number of health and safety violations.

    Today’s rain hasn’t stopped clean up efforts.

    Anna Williams Cleary has been a seasonal visitor to the park for the last two decades. She feels media misrepresented the condition of the park by focusing on certain untidy areas.

    She says the city’s decision to close the site was unnecessary, and she thinks it was poorly executed.

    Cleary says any issues should have been brought to the park on or before the season began and before campers paid their annual fees so they could be aware of what was happening.

    Meanwhile, park owner Jeff Petten says it’s typical of the park community to come together and do an annual clean up. He indicates staff are currently waiting for a letter from the City of St. John’s that he hopes will outline what needs to happen, in order to resolve the issue.

    Petten says he hopes they don’t require paved roads and he indicates if brush must be cut back then he thinks campers could tackle that in a day. He says he already has an idea about where to construct an alternate access road.

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