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  • Cochrane Pond Campsite Could Reopen in Weeks

    St. John’s City Councillor Sandy Hickman says if campers at Cochrane Pond can do their bit to keep their campsites clean, they hope to re-open the campground in a few weeks.

    A campsite clean-up is underway with various campers getting together to do their part.

    Last week the city ordered the campsite shut down because of a variety of health and safety concerns.

    Hickman says the city understands it’s hard on campers to receive the notice of closure, but it was the responsible thing to do. He says after meeting with campers, a plan started coming together. He understands that while the notice sent out late last week came as a shock, the city had to act.

    He says there are a few pressing fire issues that need to be addressed before they can lift the closure

    Hickman says the fire department would be happy if the road would be widened so equipment could get through, a back exit built, and some individual fire issues taken care of. He says they can worry about some of the other issues over time.

    Hickman hopes to see campers back at Cochrane’s Pond within a few weeks.

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