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  • Cofferdam Holding as Muskrat Falls Reservoir Levels Raised: Nalcor

    Spillway gates partially open, January 27, 2017.

    Nalcor officials say grouting work taking place at the temporary rock cofferdam at Muskrat Fall is holding as water levels in the reservoir are raised.

    Grouting work began after previous attempts to raise water levels late last year resulted in seepage through the cofferdam.

    Grouting work is continuing at the site, and the water level upstream is at 16 to 17 metres.

    Nalcor officials say water levels will continue to increase gradually to establish an ice cover upstream and stop the buildup of ice below the Muskrat Falls site.

    They’re asking people to avoid recreational use on the river upstream as fluctuating water levels could create unstable ice cover.

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