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  • Collins’ DNA found on Pope, Jury Hears

    Thirty-six-year-old Jonathan Collins’ DNA was found on the jeans Craig Pope was wearing when he was arrested for his murder in 2017.

    Pope is on trial at St. John’s Supreme Court, facing second degree murder in Collins death. Louise Cloutier is a forensic specialist with the RCMP National Crime Lab. She testified for the Crown yesterday via video link from Ottawa.

    Cloutier examined three swabs taken from the Jiffy cab Craig Pope and Collins used on the day in question. Blood was identified on the swabs; DNA found matched Pope’s.

    She also examined swabs from Pope’s shirt and jeans, seized by police when he was arrested. A swab from the jeans matched Collins’ DNA.

    Cloutier examined two knives: one found in Collins backpack at the crime scene, and one submitted by police as part of the investigation. Collins’ DNA was found on the knife in his bag, but there was no blood detected on the knife.

    The second knife didn’t turn up any positive matches to the case at hand.

    The trial continues.

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