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  • Come-From-Aways Staying Put: Immigration to NL Rising

    Minister Al Hawkins says 2017 was a banner year for immigration in the Province and he is eager to build on the momentum in order to keep attracting newcomers.

    Hawkins says immigration applications increased by roughly 25% and calls the spike very encouraging.

    He indicates that an application can be for a family which is often several individuals and he points to the optimism for the future of population growth. He is confident the Province can achieve the target of 17 hundred immigrants annually by 2022 but he admits getting there won’t be without challenges.

    Hawkins says there is still a fair amount of work to be done and he points to engaging employers because obviously there is a job requirement in the provincial program.

    Hawkins made the comments as an Immigration Roundtable conference concluded at the Capital Hotel yesterday.

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