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  • Concerns of Bullying, Intimidation at Municipal Level: Harbour Grace Woman

    (Photo by Magicpiano. Wikimedia Commons)

    A woman living in Harbour Grace says there needs to be more accountability for municipal politicians when it comes to bullying and intimidation.

    Rhonda Parsons says in her experience, scare tactics and threats are alive and well with town councils, and feels like she has been a target.

    She says she feels like councillors think she’s a plague or something, because she’s voicing her concerns. She says it’s bullying and intimidation, and she has no control over council’s decision or reaction to her complaints. She says council shouldn’t be allowed to investigate itself.

    This is not the first time Parsons, who owns Ridley Offices, has voiced her concerns, but she hopes she will be taken seriously now that some provincial politicians have come forward, leading to investigations.

    For her, however, it’s a long list of things she says council is responsible for that can be seen as unfair or unethical treatment.

    She says it includes changes to her property designation from residential to commercial without notification, an invasive visit from the Municipal Assessment Agency that she says was requested by the town and signs being erected on a public road to prevent access to her home.

    She says she finds out about decisions to her property from the local newspaper. She feels it would have been better for council to notify her in writing or by phone.

    Parsons hopes if a complaint is made about a municipal council, there is an option for an independent review of conduct so residents don’t have to be scared to come forward.

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