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  • Consumer Advocate Applies to Delay Hydro Rate Application

    Consumer Advocate Dennis Browne has applied to the PUB to delay Hydro’s scheduled General Rate Application.

    Browne says the hearing, which is scheduled to begin January 30th, is seeking a greater than 23 per cent increase in island household electricity rates by January 1st of 2019. He accuses the utility of attempting to get ratepayers to start paying for the over-budget Muskrat Falls project now.

    In a release issued today Browne claims the increase application lacks specifics.

    Browne says according to energy consultant Douglas Bowman, “Hydro’s proposed Off Island Purchases Deferral Account is not a rate mitigation plan.” It is a “proposal to overcharge customers by basing rates on a fictitious Cost of Service Study.”

    Bowman contends that there is “little information on the record” as to how the rate mitigation plan will work.

    Browne says Hydro’s application is full of generalities, lacks specific information and “amounts to a cloaked attempt to have ratepayers start paying for Muskrat Falls now”.

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