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  • Cooke Aquaculture Confirms Escape of Salmon in Hermitage Bay

    Cooke Aquaculture has confirmed that thousands of salmon escaped from its fish farm at Olive Cove in Hermitage Bay.

    People from the area reported seeing scores of salmon schooling and jumping in the bay. Cooke says they’re in the process of recapturing fish from a net pen release about a week ago.

    The company estimates an escape of 2,000 to 3,000 fish over a four-day period. It says the release happened after net extensions were sewed onto a pen at the site. One of the ropes came undone in two places, resulting in two holes in the net around three to five feet long.

    The company reported the escape to both the federal and provincial governments, and repaired the nets.

    DFO then issued a license to Cooke to set tendered gillnets at three different locations in proximity to the cages to recapture the fish. That procedure is still underway.

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