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  • Court Dismisses Appeal of Anne Norris Verdict

    The Crown’s appeal has been dismissed in the case of Anne Norris, found not criminally responsible in the death of 46-year-old Marcel Reardon in St. John’s in 2016.

    Anne Norris admits she killed Reardon by repeatedly beating him over the head with a hammer she purchased at Walmart. She later hid the body under a staircase behind her Brazil Street apartment building, tossed the hammer in St. John’s harbour, and lied to police about what happened.

    The jury found Norris not criminal responsible for the murder because of a mental disorder. Expert witnesses described Norris as bipolar, psychotic, delusional, and ultimately unable to understand right from wrong at the time of the killing.

    The Crown appealed the verdict, saying the jury should have heard audio taken from inside Norris’s prison cell. In those tapes, banned from court by the trial judge, Norris is heard making up rhymes and songs about what happened, and described herself as a “messy monster.”

    The Crown also submitted the jury should have also heard medical records from prison psychiatrist Dr. David Craig.

    A panel of three judges who heard the appeal agreed the trial judge did not err in excluding the wiretaps, but, they found the trial judge erred in excluding the medical records of Dr. Craig. The Appeal Court found the error would have no material bearing on the jury’s decision, and found no basis to order a new trial.

    The appeal was dismissed.

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