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  • Court Hears from Cab Driver Who Transported Dale Porter Prior to his Murder

    A 30-year-old cab driver, who transported Dale Porter and others to and from the bar on the night in question, took the stand at the Al Potter murder trial this morning.

    The cab driver tells the jury he picked up Dale Porter and a “van-load” of people at Porter’s house in North River, and dropped them off at the Coach House, a bar in Bay Roberts, at around 1:25 a.m.

    The driver got a call to return to the bar to bring them back home at 3:00 a.m. He says he dropped two passengers off in Spaniard’s Bay before proceeding to Porter’s home in North River.

    The driver testified he pulled into Porter’s driveway and put the cab in park. He says the people in the back of the cab began to get out of the vehicle. The driver told the jury, “that’s when the commotion started.” He says he overheard “Dale, are you okay?”

    The driver says he got out of the cab to see if he could help. He says Dale Porter was stabbed and bleeding. The cab driver told the jury that’s when he realized “this wasn’t your typical Saturday night.”

    The man testified he became very fearful, got back in the taxi and left. He says he called an ambulance to report a stabbing in North River, and then called his father, also a taxi driver, and told him to go directly home. He met his father there.

    Also this morning, the court heard from a woman who says she was drinking with Al Potter and his co-accused on the night in question.

    The 46-year-old woman told the jury she was drinking on June 28, 2014, with Al Potter and his co-accused at the Vikings Motorcycle Clubhouse in Cupids.

    The woman told the court she was in a casual relationship at the time with Potter’s co-accused. Neither the co-accused, nor the witness, can be identified because of publication bans.

    The woman told the judge they left the Vikings Clubhouse and went to the Coach House bar in Bay Roberts.

    Afterwards, the woman says they left in a cab. She says Porter, Potter and Potter’s co-accused got out of the cab at Dale Porter’s house. She then left alone in the taxi and headed for the Vikings Clubhouse to get her coat before heading home. But she says Potter and his co-accused called for the cab to come back and get them. All three were dropped off at the Clubhouse.

    The woman testified Potter left on a Harley Davidson, and she and the co-accused walked home together.

    Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Nash Denic, took the stand this afternoon.

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