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  • Court Hears Intense Testimony from Alleged Sexual Assault Victim

    Caution: Some details in this report are graphic and disturbing.

    A woman who says she was sexually assaulted by Thomas Patrick McGrath of CBS says she tried to call for help during the alleged assault.

    The woman testified in the courtroom behind a screen. The gallery could view her through the screen, but she could not see the gallery or the accused.

    (A screen is sometimes set up within the court to shield the victim from their alleged abuser in certain cases. VOCM File Photo.)

    The woman says she met McGrath for the first time on the night of the alleged incident. She says they were drinking at a bonfire.

    She says music was playing and he asked her to dance. She says they danced to three songs.

    The woman says afterwards, McGrath asked her to sit in his lap. She says he pulled her onto his lap on a wooden chair near the fire. She alleges that’s when he forced his hand into her pants and forced oral sex on her until she vomited.

    During cross examination however, the woman admitted she couldn’t remember a lot from that evening. When asked by the defence if it would be a surprise to her to learn only her DNA was found on her clothing from that night, she answered, “It would surprise me.”

    The trial continues in December.

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