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  • Court Hears Testimony from Crash Witness in Trial of Joshua Steele-Young

    The court heard details today from a man who witnessed 23-year-old Joshua Steele-Young flip his Honda Civic on Pitts Memorial Drive on March 20, 2017.

    Steele-Young is accused of dangerous driving and forcible confinement as a result of the accident. His passenger and ex-girlfriend 23-year-old Morgan Pardy was left paralyzed following the crash.

    John Scaplen was heading to work on the day of the accident. He recalled it was snowing. He says it was falling quickly, and was heavy and wet.

    Scaplen had pulled onto Pitts Memorial Drive heading west. He testified the red Honda was ahead of him, traveling in the passing lane.

    Scaplen told the court the red Honda Civic was traveling on a snow-covered lane. He says when the car lost control, it began to spin. Eventually he says it gripped on the shoulder of the road and began to tumble. He described pieces of the car flying through the air. He testified, “everything that was in that car came out,” including clothing and cigarette packs.

    Then, he says, he noticed something fly out of the passenger side window. He knew it wasn’t a bag. Scaplen says it was Morgan Pardy.

    He testified Steele-Young asked him, “Buddy, help me find my girlfriend.” By that point others were stopping to help.

    Steele-Young is on trial in St. John’s Supreme Court. Two weeks have been set aside for testimony.

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