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  • Critics of Gill Nets Trying to Drive Fishery Offshore: Broderick

    The Inshore Director for the FFAW says the latest allegations against the use of gill nets is nothing but an attempt to drive the industry offshore.

    Bill Broderick says the fishery has changed since its early beginnings in the province. He says if we’re going to build an industry we need to build it around a focus on quality rather than quantity.

    Former politician John Efford came out against the use of gill nets in commercial fishing because he says it affects the quality of the fish. Broderick says that allegation is an attempt to squeeze out the little guy.

    He says when the moratorium was called the conventional wisdom was if you shut down the capelin fishery, kill and the seals and stop using gill nets it would lead to utopia and we know now this was wrong

    He says the debate between hooks and gill nets is an attempt to drive the fishery offshore and line the pockets of the big commercial fisheries selling their fish internationally.

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