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  • Crosbie Hammers Government About Efforts to Sell Mews Place Land

    Opposition Leader Ches Crosbie continues hammering away at Transportation and Works Minister, Steve Crocker, about government efforts to sell a piece of land off Mews Place in St. John’s to a numbered company linked to Canopy Growth.

    Crosbie raised questions after an Access to Information Request uncovered documents suggesting that officials within the department had been directed to arrange a quick sell of the property.

    That was just days after the numbered company was incorporated and Canopy Growth registered as a lobbyist.

    Minister Crocker asserts that there was no direction from him to sell the land and that the process that was started with a request to buy the land didn’t get very far.

    Crosbie says it’s clear, based on the documents, that direction was made to sell the property.

    He says the minister has a duty to the public to do his due diligence before making public statements and make sure they are correct.

    Crosbie has been trying to get answers from government on who is behind the numbered company and its connections to Canopy Growth, which has an agreement with government as a cannabis producer and supplier. Canopy is developing a production facility on land owned by the numbered company in the White Hills while government is allowing them to claim $40-million in remittances.

    Crosbie has called for the AG to investigate the situation.

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