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  • VIDEO Crown Rests Case in Murder Trial of Al Potter

    The Crown has rested its case in the murder trial of Al Potter.

    The Crown’s final witness was ‘Mr. Big’—an RCMP Corporal who was the primary member in an elaborate Mr. Big operation, used in an effort to get a confession out of Al Potter in the stabbing death of Dale Porter in 2014.

    The Corporal told the jury Al Potter confessed the murder to him. He testified Potter said the knife was tossed into the ocean afterwards, and that police had been quiet on the killing since his arrest.

    Potter was arrested for the stabbing just days afterwards, but he wasn’t charged until two years later in 2016.

    The officer says he expressed concern to Potter that he may have left left his DNA at the scene.

    According to the officer, that’s when Potter explained that “one loose end” may be the taxi driver from “that night,” who quit his job the very next day.

    The only piece missing from the officer’s story is an audio recording of the conversation. He told the jury he wore two recording devices that day, and that both failed him.

    The jury has a break Monday. Trial resumes Tuesday.

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