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  • Cst. Snelgrove to Challenge Suspension Without Pay in Court This Fall

    (File photo.)

    A hearing has been set for the fall for RNC Cst. Carl Douglas Snelgrove in his quest to have a judge lift his suspension without pay.

    Snelgrove was suspended from his job and charged with sexual assault in July 2015. The officer had sex with a 23-year-old woman after driving her home from downtown St. John’s. He was on duty at the time. After a trial in St Johns Supreme Court, a jury found Cst. Snelgrove not guilty of the crime. The Crown appealed the decision and won. A new trial hasn’t yet been scheduled.

    Snelgrove has applied for judicial review into his suspension without pay. In the court documents, Snelgrove has asked the judge to reverse the decision on the basis that he does not pose any danger to the public or the force, and that his ongoing suspension is “unreasonable,” and amounts to “constructive dismissal.”

    A day has been set aside on September 16 for a hearing into the application.

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