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  • Custard Comeback: Classic Treat Returns to Historic Location

    A traditional treat is making a comeback in St. John’s, with the official opening of the Newfoundland Embassy Pub and Restaurant at the former location of Lar’s Fruit Mart.

    Dozens of smiling, nostalgic customers lined up at the Newfoundland Embassy to celebrate a new beginning and get a taste of the good old days. 91-year-old Winnie Crocker was back behind the counter for the first time in 15 years, serving up smiles and delicious memories.

    The longstanding grocery shop became embedded in the local culture by tapping the city’s sweet tooth. Chris Andrews, the owner of the Newfoundland Embassy, didn’t want to see it fade into history.

    Andrews is pleased to bring the creamy cones back and he says he could not have done it without a little help from the custard queen herself, Winnie Crocker.

    91-year-old Winnie knows the business well. After her husband passed away she continued to operate the business on her own for several years.

    She loves seeing all the familiar faces and she is pleased to be apart of the revival.

    Crocker says it is wonderful to see everyone and the first thing they all say is, “I remember…” She says she feels like she is at home.

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