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  • Daughters of the Vote Celebrates 100 Years by Bringing Women to Parliament

    Equal Voice Canada will be marking 100 years of Canadian women getting the vote with a trip to Ottawa for their ‘Daughters of the Vote’ initiative , involving 338 young, politically-minded women, one from each Canadian riding.

    While in the capital city, the selected candidates will help to develop a strategy for progress towards closing the gender gap in Canadian politics.

    Nancy Peckford, Executive Director with Equal Voice, says that in many Canadian ridings, women are still greatly under-represented in the political field.

    She says in NL women account for only 26% of the legislature, and in some areas, they account for less than 10%.

    Peckford says the ‘Daughters of the Vote’ initiative receive over 1,500 applications from across the country to be reviewed by a panel of female leaders, though they’re hoping that those who aren’t selected will still be able to become involved at home.

    Peckford says its important for young women in this province to realize that they can have a voice and a career in the political sphere.

    She says that women in NL are passionate about politics and they are excited to help these emerging young leaders.

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