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  • Demonstrator Defends Anti-Abortion “Prayer Vigils” Aimed a High Schoolers

    A woman who has spent years promoting the right to life is defending recent demonstrations outside metro area high schools.

    A small group of people held up a banner directing people to an American-based website outlining various abortion procedures. The demonstrators stood up outside Holy Heart of Mary and Brother Rice on Thursday of last week and were outside Waterford Valley High on Friday, drawing criticism and strong condemnation from many.

    Collette Fleming was previously involved in the now disbanded Right to Life Association and calls herself a Pro-Lifer. She is unapologetic for the demonstrations which she felt were entirely appropriate.

    She says the message is very important as a Pro-Life initiative and they felt it was a good message for high school students.

    She says students they encountered were respectful, even when there was a difference of opinion. Fleming can’t say if there will be similar demonstrations outside schools again.

    She says you never know where they will hold what they call their prayer vigils.

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