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  • Developer Requests Clearing Wetlands for New Housing

    There’s going to a public hearing in St. John’s next month as the city considers removing part of an east end wetland in order to make way for a large housing development.

    The city is being asked to take 17 1/2 acres of wetland out of the system to allow developers to construct a 95-unit housing development off Penney Crescent, which is off Torbay Road. The land, which is owned by the Anglican Church, would have to be rezoned from Open Space Reserve to Residential Low Density.

    The company behind the proposed development, Powderhill Investments, wants to build 95 single-family houses.

    The city designated the area as a significant wetland almost 25 years ago.

    The public hearing takes place on Tuesday, August 8th at City Hall.

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