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  • DFO Capelin Report of ‘Minimal Use’ to Fishery: Montevecchi

    A seabird biologist says he was shocked with suggestions that the fishery is taking fewer capelin out of the ecosystem than natural predators.

    Dr. Bill Montevecchi told VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly he has great respect for DFO scientists, but says the information released this week was of “minimal use” to the fishery and tarnishes the efforts of science.

    Montevecchi says the fact of the matter is that DFO does not know the actual size of the biomass, and taking 20,000 tonnes out of the biomass when there are no clear numbers will have an impact.

    He says the last biomass indices he heard were from last summer at 100,000 tonnes, which means that the quota could take a fifth of the biomass out of the system. Not only that, says Montevecchi, the quota would include the largest females with eggs.

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