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  • ‘Diyas for Diversity’ Raises $3,100 to Help Introduce Children to Other Cultures

    A community fundraiser celebrating the festival of Diwali is going to bring the world to children across the province though their local libraries.

    The Diyas for Diversity fundraiser presented a cheque for over $3,100 at the AC Hunter Children’s Library today.

    That’s three times what fundraiser founder Prajwala Dixit expected.

    A mother herself, Prajwala explains it’s not always easy to travel with a small child and expose them to other ideas and cultures, but reading them books and stories from around the world is the next best thing.

    She says support for the fundraiser has been overwhelming and really shows the warmth and sense of belonging being given from this community.

    The money will bring not only books from under-represented and Indigenous cultures, but in multiple languages including braille, making accessing them all the easier.

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