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  • Doctor Warns of Shoveling-Related Injuries

    An emergency room doctor at Carbonear General says hospitals often see an increase in injuries caused by shoveling in the winter months.

    Dr. Chris Patey recommends stretching before shoveling and pacing yourself, especially if you’re not used to strenuous exercise.

    He says shoveling is moderate exercise and you need to be prepared. With the combination of snow and rain we often see in Newfoundland, a shovel of snow can weigh as much as 20 pounds. He says carrying and throwing such a weight repeatedly can have an impact.

    He also recommends getting a good shovel and to avoid bending over or twisting while shoveling or throwing snow.

    He sees a lot of snow-related back injuries in his family practice after a snowfall. He says even things like lawn mowing and operating a snow blower can be hard on the back.

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