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  • UPDATE: Dog Home Safe After Falling Through Pond Ice

    Jake is now safely at home.

    A dog that was spotted around Lower Pond this morning climbing out of the icy water is now home.

    Jake fell through pond ice in Witless Bay earlier this morning.

    In a Facebook post, Veronica Morrissey, who saw the dog escape the pond, says the owner contacted her to let her know he is now home safe and sound.

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    A dog in Witless Bay found himself in a cold and wet situation this morning, after falling through ice in Lower Pond.

    A woman from the area saw the ordeal around 10:30, and says the dog managed to climb out on his own.

    Veronica Morrissey says she tried to get the dog to come to her, but he took off.

    Morrissey didn’t know the owner, so she has turned to Social Media to share photos she took of the black and white dog.

    She has contacted the Witless Bay Volunteer Fire Department in hopes the dog can be found and reunited with its owner.

    Paw prints from a dog that fell through a pond in Witless Bay this morning.

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