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  • Double Miracle for Cancer Patient Who is Set for Life

    A few weeks ago, Diane Bishop of Mount Pearl found miracle number one when she won $1.5 million on a Super Set for Life lotto ticket; this week she found miracle number two after undergoing a new treatment for her breast cancer, which is at Stage IV – the most advanced stage.

    Her two sons will live mortgage-free in their own homes – miracle number one. While most lottery winners think of going out and buying a new car or truck or taking a trip, Bishop opted for a therapeutic adjustable bed and a new chair.

    It will help her when she’s watching TV, and it can be raised when she’s having respiratory problems.

    Bishop, a franchise owner at the Needs in Mount Pearl, has sold a few big-winning tickets over the years, but has never won the lottery herself. She took the cash payout of the Set for Life ticket.

    Miracle number two came more recently in Toronto. For the first time in four tries, chemotherapy for the cancer worked.

    Bishop is campaigning to have some type of system in place so that people who are in a similar situation as she was before the lottery win don’t have to go without treatment because of the expense. Money which was donated to her has been paid forward to another person. She says people shouldn’t have to sell off assets or set up a GoFundMe Page.

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