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  • Downtown Parking Needs Permanent Solution Now, say Business Owners

    (VOCM file photo.)

    Business owners are divided on what to do about downtown parking, but all say one thing: it’s needs to be fixed now.

    The city is considering a proposal to ticket cars parked at broken meters for over two hours, but it’s a ways from being approved.

    Business owners agree something has to give. Byron Murphy of Byron’s Clothing for Men says he isn’t sure ticketing is the solution, but says the city needs to keep the meters turning over.

    Murphy wonders why meters would be fixed or hard-to-use app programs would be adopted rather than a kiosk system as seen in other cities.

    Viki Barbour of Ches’s Fish and Chips was in favour of the ticketing plan. She says people are blocking the meters for eight hours at a time, and the number of customers has dropped. Barbour says they’ve reached out to council with several ideas, and says that their business is suffering as they are just waiting for something, anything, to be done.

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