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  • Police Ticket School Bus Driver for Illegal Maneuver

    The driver of a school bus seen making an illegal turn in a video circulating online has been identified. Police say the driver was issued a ticket.

    The school bus was caught on video making an illegal left turn in Paradise on Thursday afternoon.

    Nolan Young’s dash cam video shows the bus stopped behind a line of traffic waiting to turn left. Young claims that because of a problem with the traffic light, they were there for about four minutes before the bus driver finally decided to pull out and move around the traffic.

    His video shows the driver turn into the curb lane on the right to get around the cars in front of him, and then cut across the waiting cars onto Topsail Road.

    Earlier this week, a 34-year-old man was charged with dangerous driving after he was caught on video passing a string of traffic on Peacekeepers Way, narrowly missing a head-on collision.


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