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  • ECMA in Dispute with Musicians in Canada, US

    The Vice President of the Canadian Federation of Musicians is hoping a labour dispute with the East Coast Music Association will come to a close next week.

    The CFM entered into a labour dispute with the ECMA in December after CFM claimed the ECMA was refusing to enter into a new collective agreement which would guarantee musicians fair compensation for their work.

    CFM Vice President, Allan Willaert, says there are a number of things the CFM wants from the ECMA including minimum performance fees and a pension for musicians, as well as one issue that Willaert says must be settled.

    He says the major issue in the dispute is over recordings. Typically there are limitations on when and how recordings can be used, Willaert says he believes the ECMA is holding out for what amounts to a freedom to exploit artists at will.

    The two organizations have not had an agreement for nearly 3 years.

    Meanwhile the ECMA was served Notice to Bargain and was also placed on the American Federation of Musicians International Unfair list last month.

    The CFM and ECMA are meeting in Halifax on January 18 and 19 to negotiate a new agreement.

    Willaert says the ECMA should come prepared to make a deal. He says he hopes the ECMA is coming to the table in good faith because while the public may believe musicians make a lot of money, 99 per cent of the time it is slim pickings and musicians need to be covered.

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