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  • Election Year Moves Not a Good Look on the NDP, says MUN Political Scientist

    A political scientist at Memorial University admits she doesn’t know what’s going on within the provincial NDP, “but they need to figure it out.”

    Amanda Bittner didn’t pull any punches in her reaction to the NDP’s latest political maneouver. She tweeted out her thoughts immediately following yesterday’s announcement by Lorraine Michael and Alison Coffin.

    Michael, who’s held the seat for St. John’s East-Quidi Vidi for the last 13 years announced that she will not be seeking re-election to allow new leader Alison Coffin to run. That’s despite the fact that St. John’s Deputy Mayor Sheilagh O’Leary had previously announced that she intends to run in the same district.

    The seat in St. John’s Centre is open after former leader Gerry Rogers announced she was stepping down less than a year after winning the leadership over Alison Coffin.

    Bittner says none of it looks good, especially in an election year.

    She says heading into an election all parties need to have someone in place with enough time to give voters a chance to decide whether or not they want to vote for that candidate. She indicates when things look mysterious to outsiders and imply party infighting and disarray, they look very bad. She doesn’t know what’s going on within the party at this time, but “they need to figure it out.”

    Meanwhile, the party’s new Leader, Alison Coffin says it is a different NDP going into the 2019 Provincial Election.

    Coffin says Lorraine Michael is an exceptional parliamentarian and she couldn’t learn from anyone better going forward. She says they have new life brought into the party, but are not losing sight of their traditional values.

    Coffin says their party politics and values are still there. She is expanding and bringing a slightly different persepctive, but their core values will remain in tact.

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