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  • Elizabeth May Visits Capital City

    The only female leader of a national political party says she believes there are two major factors in the country that are working to deter more woman from running.

    Leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May, is in St John’s today as part of a speaking event hosted by Equal Voice. The group is dedicated to empowering woman across the country to become more engaged in political life.

    May says, the “first past the post” electoral system helps to entrench a nasty form of partisanship. She suggests many woman aren’t interested in a ‘my team’ vs ‘your team’ mentality.

    She calls that kind of mindless partisanship a massive disincentive for woman entering politics. She believes a fairer voting system will create an environment where people can vote for what they believe in, and get what they want, while achieving a more respectful discourse.

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