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  • Emergency Funding Sought for Ferryland Bridge Repairs

    The Mayor of Ferryland says work is underway to secure emergency funding to replace a bridge to the Freshwater area of town.

    Adrian Kavanagh says the bridge washed out two weeks ago, cutting three homes off from the rest of the town.

    The mayor says while the bridge is no longer safe for vehicle traffic, you can still walk across it.

    The town also consulted with the Fire Department and local ambulance services to make sure that access is possible in case of emergency. In the meantime they’re hoping the bridge and culvert can be replaced in the next couple of weeks.

    Jim O’Brien, who has lived in the area for 30 years, is one of the three homeowners affected.

    He’s worried if they get another storm or heavy rainfall the bridge will wash out altogether and then they’re completely cut off.

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