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  • Enlisting Local Fishers to Fight Local Oil Spills

    The Chair of the Shorefast Foundation Board is helping train fisherman on how to deploy oil containment booms to help deal with oil spills.

    Gordon Slade used to work with One Ocean, a liaison between the fishing and oil and gas industries.

    He started a program on Fogo Island for fisherman to train them on what to do in the event of an oil spill.

    Slade says the people in charge of cleaning oil spills are located across the island and aren’t necessarily the fastest to respond.

    He says fisherman are the first people that would be impacted by spills, they are on the water and already have the navigational skills needed so they are the logical occupational group in our society to deal with spills.

    Slade hopes that in addition to training he will be able to eventually provide fisherman with the equipment to help them fight oil spills.

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