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  • Exploring the Options for Starting a Family

    Individuals and couples who wish to start a family, but are unable to physically carry a baby, undoubtedly experience a hopelessness feeling as they search for options however a consultant on the issue, is visiting St John’s, to spread the word on possible solutions for intended parents.

    Nathan Chan is managing director and founder of Proud Fertility, a surrogacy consultancy that helps people become families through egg donation and surrogacy. The agency has offices across the country with a client care adviser, egg donors and surrogates from this province.

    Chan is visiting, with the goal of raising awareness about options for those who can’t give birth themselves and for individuals who want to help. While in St. John’s, Chan collaborated with the Doula Collective for an presentation at the Memorial School of Nursing and hosted a drop in information conversation at Rocket Bakery yesterday.

    Chan says there isn’t enough awareness around fertility in this province and he wants to help change that.

    Chan says there aren’t that many people who know about surrogacy and egg donation. He says not many people are aware of how to become a donor or surrogate. He says he aims to get the word out for those who face infertility or can not have children on their own.

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