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    (Photo submitted by Candice Udle.)

    A family that was out for a walk in Mount Pearl Sunday evening had to take evasive action after a moose took exception to their presence and charged.

    Keith Halleran credits the actions of his dog for scaring off a moose Sunday evening before it could do any damage. Halleran was near the dog park in Power’s Pond with his wife, their nine-year-old daughter and their dog when they spotted the moose. He snapped a few pictures after deactivating the flash, but then the massive creature became aggressive.

    It stared at him at first, then started running at Halleran with its head down. He escaped by running into nearby woods.

    By this time, he says his dog was barking so loudly, that the moose became frightened and sauntered off.

    Halleran, a hunter who’s originally from St. Mary’s Bay, has encountered a moose but has never seen one act in such a manner out of rutting season. He saw a moose on the trail last year, but it was about five feet away from him and did nothing.

    Halleran says his daughter had an interesting story for her classmates the next day. Listen to his entire account below:

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