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  • Family with Infant, Twin Girls, Escapes Highway Rollover with Minor Injuries

    “Seat belts save lives.”

    That’s the message of a CBS woman and her family who escaped with nothing more than cuts and bruises after a terrifying accident on the Trans Canada yesterday afternoon.

    The family, including an 11-month-old baby and eight-year-old twin sisters, were just coming back from a hockey tournament in Marystown, when fate stepped in.

    Anne Green says her boyfriend was driving and she was napping in the passenger seat when she heard him yell. She claims the wind caught their vehicle and he swerved to correct, the wheels dug in and they flipped into the median.

    She says it was terrifying. As soon as the vehicle came to a rest people were coming from all directions to help, one of whom was a paramedic.

    They pulled the children out of the vehicle, which had landed on its roof. All three children were fine.

    Green can’t stress enough the importance of wearing seat belts, which she says saved their lives. She commended the many people who came to their help.

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