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  • Father Describes Out of Control Tilt-a-Whirl From the Inside

    A man who was involved in a frightening incident at Thomas Amusements on Sunday says he was surprised to see that the amusement park resumed operations rather quickly after the incident.

    Emergency personnel responded after the Tilt-A-Whirl malfunctioned. One cart came off the platform and hit two other carts on the ride, with a father and his daughter inside.

    The cart tipped over, sending the two on their backs and dislodging the headrest. The dad and daughter escaped with minor injuries.

    The father, who is feeling a little bit sore, says his daughter bruised her arm. His wife who was in the cart behind them, saw her family’s cart become loose. It then came careening towards her and slammed into her cart.

    She calls the incident scary. The father believes the fair should’ve been shut down.

    VOCM News has reached out to Thomas Amusements for a response.

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