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  • New, Unexpected Finds at Ferryland Archaeology Site

    It’s considered one of the finest archaeological sites in the country, if not North America, and a quarter century after digging at the Colony of Avalon site in Ferryland first began, it continues to offer up amazing details of early colonial life in Newfoundland.

    Archaeologist Dr. Barry Gaulton of Memorial University says some test pits dug in the last few days in what is known as “The Meadow” have offered up some unexpected finds.

    Those include some ceramics from North Devon in England, clay tobacco pipes, bottle glass, and a lot of nails dating to the latter part of the 17th century. They believe they’ve found a fireplace belonging to a dwelling that may have been destroyed in the French attack in 1696.

    Gaulton says there are another 50 years of archaeology left at the site, and they have some exciting plans ahead.

    He says one of the things they’d like to do is redirect the modern Pool Road and expose more of the original cobbled street so that it would be uninterrupted along its full 400 foot length.

    You can follow the Colony of Avalon and its latest discoveries on Facebook and Twitter.

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