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  • FFAW Against Allowing Draggers on Cod Pre-Spawning Grounds

    (FFAW President Keith Sullivan responds to northern cod update in April, 2019.)

    The FFAW is opposed to a proposal to allow draggers on northern cod pre-spawning grounds.

    The union claims the Groundfish Advisory Council’s proposal involves offshore draggers on pre-spawning grounds. The recommendation was strongly opposed by the fisheries union.

    FFAW President Keith Sullivan calls it “absolutely disingenuous” for offshore companies to call for caution while at the same time proposing to fish in sensitive areas. He believes having draggers on pre-spawning grounds contributed to the collapse of the commercial cod fishery in the early 90s.

    The union says northern cod gather to over-winter on the shelf edge in January and February. They say the fish are tightly packed and vulnerable at that time of year.

    Sullivan claims the offshore proposal is “not just irresponsible”, but runs counter to Ottawa’s commitment to allocate the first 155,000 tonnes of northern cod to inshore harvesters and Indigenous groups.

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