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  • FFAW, FISH-NL Tensions Heat Up Before Union Application Meeting

    The battle between the FFAW and FISH-NL is heating up once again after the FFAW amended its constitution to forbid rival members from running for execitive positions within the senior union.

    The FFAW amended its constitution to say that any member who signed cards in other institutions must have renounced that membership at least 12 months prior to the date of nomination acceptance.

    Harvester Peter Leonard says its the latest tactic by the FFAW to discourage inshore harvesters while forbidding members that are in good standing to run is a way for the FFAW executive to protect their own jobs.

    However FFAW President Keith Sullivan says it would be disingenuous for an individual who supports FISH-NL to put their name forward for election when the sole objective of FISH-NL is to dismantle FFAW-Unifor.

    Meanwhile, a panel headed by the chair of the Labour Relations Board David Conway has ordered an “in person” meeting with all the parties involved in FISH-NL’s union application.

    Ryan Cleary, the president of the break-away group, was given no indication of what will happen at the meeting. He says they could call a vote, they could dismiss the application… they could do anything.

    The meeting with FISH-NL members is scheduled for tomorrow morning at the board’s offices in St. John’s. Nominations for the FFAW executive close on May 28th.

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