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  • FFAW, GEAC Lock Horns on Northern Cod Management

    The FFAW and the Groundfish Enterprise Allocation Council are at odds over the northern cod management plan announced by DFO this week.

    The stewardship fishery has had its quota reduced by 25 per cent to 9,500 metric tonnes this year.

    The FFAW argues that coastal communities rely on the inshore fishery and socioeconomic conditions must factor into management plans. President Keith Sullivan says the stewardship fishery had no real impact on the trajectory of the stock and the quota could have been higher.

    Alberto Wareham, the President and CEO of Icewater Seafoods in Arnold’s Cove – a company that employs 210 people for 8 to 10 months of the year – disagrees.

    The only thing that can be controlled in the fishery says Wareham is the amount of fish removed from the water. He says the stewardship fishery has to have an impact on the overall stock.

    The FFAW’s Keith Sullivan questions why the recreational food fishery saw a minor reduction compared to the “hammering” commercial fishermen received.

    He says harvesters rely on the inshore fishery, and after ten years of “exceptional growth” they were looking at numbers somewhere between last year’s quota and more in line with the amount of fish taken off the recreational harvest.

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