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  • FFAW-Unifor Applauds Federal Court of Appeal Ruling on Case Challenging Owner-Operator and Fleet Separation Policies

    The FFAW says it is pleased with an unanimous ruling from the federal court of appeal which upholds the federal government’s right to enact and enforce policies to protect the inshore fleet.

    The FFAW says the case of Kirby Elson and Canada was brought to the federal Court of Appeal in an attempt to abolish the minister’s capacity to enforce the inshore fishery’s owner-operator and fleet separation policies.

    The union says owner-operator and fleet separation polices are “essential for the social and economic well-being of coastal communities” and the province in general.

    In a release issued Monday, the FFAW says the policies ensure that the benefits of the inshore fishery are focused on the local level and under local stewardship, keeping the value of the fishery in this province.

    The union says the court challenge was supported by the Association of Seafood Producers and some of its larger members. FFAW President Keith Sullivan says controlling agreements are the greatest threat to the sustainability of the inshore fishery in this province.

    He says the issue is a “big deal” since it’s not just fish processing companies who could own and operate licences, but big corporations including foreign operators. He’s pleased the courts have upheld the minister’s jurisdiction.

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