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  • FFAW, WWF Release Plan to Rebuild Cod Fishery

    The World Wildlife Fund and the Fish Food and Allied Workers Union released their Fishery Improvement Project Action Plan for rebuilding the northern cod fishery today.

    The plan follows a meeting held in September with stakeholders of the northern cod fishery including DFO, harvesters, processors, the WWF and federal and provincial governments.

    Project Coordinator for the FFAW, Dwan Street, says proper management is the key to building a commercial inshore fishery.

    She says the biggest thing to come out of the meeting was the need for a management plan. She says the fishery and its management has been limited but if they plan properly there could be a commercial fishery in the next five years.

    The Newfoundland and Labrador cod stocks have been slow to recover since the moratorium in 1992, and though the blame has shifted from one group to another, Street says her members believe the inshore is the key to a sustainable fishery.

    She says there is still debate about what contributed to the decline of Northern cod and the resulting moratorium.

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