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  • Critically Important to Document Important Buildings says Heritage NL

    (Photo from @M__Francavilla via Twitter.)

    Heritage NL is among those reacting to the fire that devastated one of the world’s most famous and iconic structures.

    Fire ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris yesterday, causing the roof and iconic spire to collapse. Reports out of France indicate that many pieces of art and religious artifacts were saved, but the damage is extensive. Commitments to rebuild the cathedral have already been made by French officials, with the help of international fundraising efforts.

    Heritage NL joined those expressing shock and sadness about the fate of the 850 year old cathedral which had been undergoing renovations.

    The heritage group posted to Facebook warning that the fire in Paris demonstrates how national treasures can be at risk. It says it is “critically important to properly document our most important buildings.”

    Heritage NL points to the Basilica of St. John the Baptist and its surrounding complex which underwent a “highly accurate” digital scan in 2017 that would support a complete restoration if a similar event were to occur.

    Earlier Story

    A massive fire broke out at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

    Pictures and video from the scene showed huge black plumes of smoke and fire pouring from the roof of the French landmark.

    The cathedral dates to the 12th century and is one of the world’s best-known historic buildings. There is currently no word on the cause of the fire. However, the historic building was reportedly undergoing renovations.

    The fire toppled the cathedral’s spire, and reportedly has caused irreparable damage to much of the structure’s wooden frame. City representatives say firefighters worked to salvage artwork and artifacts from the cathedral.

    Newfoundlander Karla Green, the Manager of Finance and Administration at Stingray, is on vacation in Paris and paid a visit to the historic landmark before the fire broke out.

    (Photo of Notre-Dame Cathedral, the morning of April 15, 2019.)

    She says everything was fine when she visited the site. She says smoke could be seen throughout the city. She called the situation “madness” as people stopped what they were doing to watch the tragedy unfold.

    Reaction in Paris, Green says, is one of shock and extreme sadness.

    (Smoke from Notre-Dame Cathedral fills the skyline of Paris, April 15, 2019.)

    VOCM News is tracking the story and will have more information as it becomes available.

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