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  • First Step Teaching Coding to Kids is Teaching the Teachers: Kirby

    Training teachers is a key part of government’s strategy to bring coding into classrooms across the province.

    Yesterday, government laid out more than a million dollars to help teach K-12 students about computer coding. $250,000 is coming from the Department of Industry and Innovation, $150,000 from Education, and the rest from the federal government.

    Education Minister Dale Kirby says knowledge is always changing, and coding is a great way to introduce a new way of thinking into the curriculum. He says while most people think of coding as how to make a computer work, the department is also using it as a way to develop students’ analytical and problem solving skills.

    Schools need to submit an application with the number of students in each grade so that the department can figure out where to use its resources.

    The president of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, Tony Stack, says showing teachers the benefits of coding in class is a major part of the plan.

    He says many teachers have already embraced coding in their classrooms with great success, so now the district needs to show other teachers how engaging coding can make their classrooms.

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