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  • Fishermen Rescue Man Who Fell Overboard in Torbay

    A fisherman out of Torbay is OK after he fell into the rolling waters off Tappers Cove.

    It was a cold, rainy, and blustery day in Torbay, and the waves crashing into the wharf at Tappers Cove were intimidating—but not enough to keep away local commercial fisherman Wayne Bradbury.

    According to the Torbay Volunteer Fire Department, Bradbury has a fishing vessel tied on just outside Tappers Cove. He was concerned the vessel was taking on water, and decided to go check it out for himself, heading out in a small aluminum fishing boat.

    The fire department was called in when Bradbury came into some trouble. Bradbury fell into the water, and the Canadian Coast Guard were called in to assist. The RNC also attended.

    However, before the Coast Guard help arrived, three local fishermen came to Bradbury’s aid.

    Chair of the Torbay Fisherman’s Committee, Tom Martin says he was told that someone had fallen overboard, and because of how cold the water was, he knew the man needed a quick rescue. He says the coast guard was called, but as the man was in danger, he and others decided to act.

    Martin along with Nickie Waterman Jr. and Neil Tapper hopped in a boat and plucked the man from the angry waters. He was brought ashore and checked out by paramedics before being released to go home.

    Wayne Bradbury told reporters he was thankful for those who helped him, and said he was on his way home to warm up with some turkey soup.

    Incident Evidence of Problems Facing Local Wharf: Martin

    Tom Martin says today is a prime example of the problems facing Tappers Cove wharf.

    The wharf is currently owned by Small Craft Harbours and is being leased to the Torbay Harbour Authority.

    He says there are recreational fishers, commercial fishers, and ten emergency vehicle and the place is in complete chaos. If the man had to wait for a rescue craft from St. John’s, this incident could have had a tragic outcome.

    Martin is calling for better safety protocols to prevent that from happening.

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